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Meets and Conferences
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1. Hot Buffet Menu

Hot Buffet Menu - £8.95 per head

Within this menu, you are able to select three hot main courses. Inclusive in the price is Steamed Rice or Buttered Pasta.

Pasta with Mushroom in Smoked Cheese Sauce
Devilled Chicken Pieces
Beef Goulash
Beef Bourguignon
Stir Fried Pork with Black Beans
Mexican Tortillas
Chicken ALA King
Pasta with Creamy Tunafish Sauce
Beef Curry
Beef in Black Bean Sauce
Mushroom Stroganoff
Stir Fried Ginger Beef
Chicken Bourguignon
Chillied Chicken
Chicken Forestiere
A high quality Lasagne
Beef Stroganoff
Pasta Whirls with Smoked Salmon
Fresh Dill